Throwback: Athens 2011

Is it really 6 YEARS since I came back from Greece!? Read the second travel post I ever wrote, originally published in my old hunting grounds: Nobodysaknowitall. As with my throwback to Beijing, please bear in mind that this was written by a naive and inexperienced 17-year-old – just looking at the giant suitcase is making me blush!

April 14th, 2011

Finally, I travelled to those sites I have been reading about! Although I didn’t get to do a full tour of Greece, given the small amount of cash I had, I think I did pretty well. Not as much of a culture shock a Beijing, but an eye-opening experience nonetheless. Continue reading “Throwback: Athens 2011”

The Story Behind…

This #ThrowbackThursday I am trying out something new. I was thinking recently how absent my blog is of all the travelling I did in the year before its creation in 2013. Without wanting to traipse through past journals to produce detailed travel guides, I thought it might be nicer to pick one photo a week and write the story behind it: where I was, what I was doing, what I was feeling that day and how I feel now looking back.

This week, I’m throwing back to China…

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Throwback: Beijing 2011

In my last entry I wrote about how this school trip ignited my passion for travel. Here is the original blog post, written 5 and a half years ago on my old blog – Nobodysaknowitall. As much as the my little opinionated digs make me blush today, I have refrained from editing or deleting any of my original musings to give you a true insight into the very critical and inquisitive 17 year old me…

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