Understanding Dyslexia.

Note: The following post had been published without being proofread, to show readers what a mild dyslexic’s writing looks like.

“If you’re dyslexic, then how can you be a good English teacher?”

“But could you do that well without extra time in exams?”

“Don’t scientist think dyslexia isn’t a real thing?”

My so-called learning ‘disability’ and my career are two things that people tend to raise an eyebrow at. People’s understanding of dyslexia is limited to understanding it’s something to do with reading and spelling, and so naturally it would make sense that someone who struggles reading and spelling wouldn’t make such a great langauge teacher…

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OPINION: Teaching English as a Volunteer

Just because you know English does not make you qualified to teach it.
Many volunteer programs involve teaching English in schools, but there is a difference between knowing a language and knowing how to teach it. Chucking some youngsters into a classroom with your fingers crossed will not result in able English speakers after 1 month. It’s not that you’re bad for trying, but really it is just a waste of time. Continue reading “OPINION: Teaching English as a Volunteer”