Throwback: Athens 2011

Is it really 6 YEARS since I came back from Greece!? Read the second travel post I ever wrote, originally published in my old hunting grounds: Nobodysaknowitall. As with my throwback to Beijing, please bear in mind that this was written by a naive and inexperienced 17-year-old – just looking at the giant suitcase is making me blush!

April 14th, 2011

Finally, I travelled to those sites I have been reading about! Although I didn’t get to do a full tour of Greece, given the small amount of cash I had, I think I did pretty well. Not as much of a culture shock a Beijing, but an eye-opening experience nonetheless. Continue reading “Throwback: Athens 2011”

REVIEW: Prague Alternative Tour

When I travelled Eastern Europe last year, I did not have enough money to splash out on excursions and tours. But having spent probably 80% of my time in Prague cooped up in my hostel, I thought there just had to be more to the city than a Gothic clock and another square. So I decided to treat myself and blow a whole £16 on the Prague Alternative Tour, and boy was it worth every penny…
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“How Much Does it Cost to Backpack Eastern Europe?” (GBP)

This time last year I was half way through my second interrail adventure, around Eastern Europe. I left the UK with only  €500 in cash to last me the first 3 weeks – hostels and food included. Come pay day I had an extra few hundred to spend for the last leg of the trip, but also had to relocate to Madrid straight after… I must say I was rather nervous – I hadn’t done a trip that long since Peru in 2013, and my budget back then was over 3 times the amount! With interrail passes and flights included, the whole trip came to around £1200 each. Here’s a rundown of the measures we took to keep costs down, and the sacrifices that were made along the way.

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This morning I woke up at 7am to see a blurry blue and yellow semi circle telling me that Britain had voted to leave the European Union.

I couldn’t quite believe it. The 3.9% difference was minuscule enough that I thought rubbing my eyes a few times would reveal something different. Alas, moments after I read the headlines, the final vote counts were in and that was that. We are leaving, and I’m royally pissed off about it. Continue reading “Brexit”