Road Trip ~ Bournemouth, Hereford, Newcastle, & Bristol

I consider myself to be of British-Irish nationality; all my life my parents have told me time and time again where my home really is, and until my teenage years every single holiday was had was in Ireland with my family. Before this year I’d actually seen very little of Britain; driving to Hollyhead through Wales is probably the longest journey I can remember my family doing, and that was purely to jump on a boat to Ireland. It was time I explored my other home, and the opportunity arose unexpectedly when my friend offered to drive us up to Newcastle.

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Life as a Trips Officer: Baths, Museums, and more Museums!

Having lived in the library for the past 6 months, I am proud to say that I have finally finished my undergraduate degree and am thus now free to do nice things, such as updating my blog…

Unfortunately I have not been on any trips outside the UK these past 6 months, but I have made a few trips around the UK. Here are the highlights:

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