REVIEW: Life as an Au Pair

My 10 months as an Au Pair have ended, and although overall I’d say it was a positive experience, as with any job it did not come without its nuisances and disappointments. Here is my very honest review of those ups and downs, what I think when I look now at the website that first drew me to au pairing in the first place, and my advice for those thinking of giving it a go themselves… Beware, it’s a long’n!

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Life as an Au Pair ~ How I quintupled my income.

In 2014 I moved to Madrid to work as an Au Pair in Majadahonda, for free room and board, and 50 euros pocket-money a week. Having held a paid job since I was 16, I had no idea just how insecure not earning money would make me feel. Not being able to save and seeing my savings dwindle away every time I fancied exploring my new home, was a total bummer. So when the opportunity to double my weekly wage came my way, I pounced on it.

Then I trebled it.

Quadrupled it.

And in the end, quintupled it.

Here are my nuggets of wisdom based on my experience as a native English speaker in Madrid…

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Life as an Au Pair: When the going got tough and I buggered off.

My blog went on silent mode these past two months for a number of awkward reasons I’m still worried about writing about. But after some careful consideration I thought TO HELL WITH THAT and I’m going to write about the ordeal so that other Au Pairs can have something to read if they ever find themselves in the same posistion…

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