Blogging is my hobby, not my job. I write for pleasure, not for work. That said, if I have some spare time on my hands I’m open to ideas, so if you’re interested in:


Sponsored posts aren’t my cup of tea, but if you like my writing style and would like me to write an honest piece about your establishment then do get in touch. I am particularly interested in hostels, tours, and language academies.

Guest Posts

Would you like to write a guest post for The Candid Nomad or, alternatively, would like me to write for you? Send me a link to your site with post ideas and I’m happy to check it out.

Teaching & Volunteering

As a nomad I’m always on the move and looking for new places to explore. Currently I am back in the United Kingdom but it’s only a matter of time before my feet start to itch and I’ll be on the move again. If you have a school or volunteer project you think I might be interested in, please then get in touch!

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– MW.