South America 2016: D.F, wise Mexicans, & intense revelations.

The final leg of the trip! Having spent 3 months in South America it was time for me to come home. I woke up at 4:30am on the 30th December 2016 in Lima and went to bed at approximately 3:30am on the 1st January 2017 in London, and had a revelation somewhere in between all thanks to a dashing wise Mexican.

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South America 2016: Micheladas, Tiiiiiiiisherpo, & Dobble.

Oh wasn’t I just a terrible post giver over the past three months? I am now back in the UK with far too much spare time on my hands (unemployment woopdedoo), so here’s a very very delayed update on what I got up to in the second month of my South American adventure – teaching English in northern Chile!

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South America 2016: Semi-camas, Puppies, & Señor Budget.

5 and a half weeks… FIVE and a half weeks! I´ve officially been wandering around foreign places with my backpack for longer than EVER before. Not that that’s very long in the backpacking community, but heck it is long for me. I have travelled over 4000 kilometres  through 4 countries. It has been fantastic – BUT my back is killing me and it is long overdue a break from semi-camas and the giant turquoise Osprey creation I once thought was my Yeoseph (a.k.a. my soul mate). I am currently taking a time out in Taltal, Chile where I am going to be teaching English voluntarily for the next month. I suppose I should tell you about the  actual travelling I have been doing, but as I am in the mood for more reflective writing you are going to have to make do with the cliff notes version instead…

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Throwback: Beijing 2011

In my last entry I wrote about how this school trip ignited my passion for travel. Here is the original blog post, written 5 and a half years ago on my old blog – Nobodysaknowitall. As much as the my little opinionated digs make me blush today, I have refrained from editing or deleting any of my original musings to give you a true insight into the very critical and inquisitive 17 year old me…

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Escaping Madrid ~ Valencia, December 2014.

Madrid is great and all, but 3 straight months in the same city can grind your gears after a while. Luckily, Spaniards love their puentes, and so on the 6th December I was free from all my jobs to run away briefly. Me and mi amiga decided (two days in advance) seek out the Mediterranean, and booked ourselves 53euro return tickets to Valencia for the weekend.

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