Life in Madrid ~ The City that Keeps Me on My Toes.

Well I cannot believe it had been two months since I landed back in Madrid, and I have only just last night unpacked my belongings into my own cosy apartment in Malasaña. I feel like I haven’t stopped moving in two months and as much as it has [mostly] been a lot of fun, the relief I feel now I have a bed to call my own is delightful…

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REVIEW: Life as an Au Pair

My 10 months as an Au Pair have ended, and although overall I’d say it was a positive experience, as with any job it did not come without its nuisances and disappointments. Here is my very honest review of those ups and downs, what I think when I look now at the website that first drew me to au pairing in the first place, and my advice for those thinking of giving it a go themselves… Beware, it’s a long’n!

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Interrail, Summer 2012

Barcelona > Pamplona > Barcelona > Paris > Lille > Frankfurt > Berne > Geneva > Verona > Rome.

It was my first backpacking experience, and unsurprisingly it consisted of many ups and downs. I saw 9 cities over two and a half weeks; some I’d been desperate to see for years, and other’s that had never crossed my mind until they appeared to be logical stopovers between long train journeys. All in all I have mostly fond memories of those 17 days, so nearly 3 years later I’ve finally decided to get on and write about it…

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