Throwback: Athens 2011

Is it really 6 YEARS since I came back from Greece!? Read the second travel post I ever wrote, originally published in my old hunting grounds: Nobodysaknowitall. As with my throwback to Beijing, please bear in mind that this was written by a naive and inexperienced 17-year-old – just looking at the giant suitcase is making me blush!

April 14th, 2011

Finally, I travelled to those sites I have been reading about! Although I didn’t get to do a full tour of Greece, given the small amount of cash I had, I think I did pretty well. Not as much of a culture shock a Beijing, but an eye-opening experience nonetheless. Continue reading “Throwback: Athens 2011”

Throwback: Beijing 2011

In my last entry I wrote about how this school trip ignited my passion for travel. Here is the original blog post, written 5 and a half years ago on my old blog – Nobodysaknowitall. As much as the my little opinionated digs make me blush today, I have refrained from editing or deleting any of my original musings to give you a true insight into the very critical and inquisitive 17 year old me…

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Life in Madrid ~ The City that Keeps Me on My Toes.

Well I cannot believe it had been two months since I landed back in Madrid, and I have only just last night unpacked my belongings into my own cosy apartment in Malasaña. I feel like I haven’t stopped moving in two months and as much as it has [mostly] been a lot of fun, the relief I feel now I have a bed to call my own is delightful…

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Interrail, Summer 2012

Barcelona > Pamplona > Barcelona > Paris > Lille > Frankfurt > Berne > Geneva > Verona > Rome.

It was my first backpacking experience, and unsurprisingly it consisted of many ups and downs. I saw 9 cities over two and a half weeks; some I’d been desperate to see for years, and other’s that had never crossed my mind until they appeared to be logical stopovers between long train journeys. All in all I have mostly fond memories of those 17 days, so nearly 3 years later I’ve finally decided to get on and write about it…

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Escaping Madrid ~ Valencia, December 2014.

Madrid is great and all, but 3 straight months in the same city can grind your gears after a while. Luckily, Spaniards love their puentes, and so on the 6th December I was free from all my jobs to run away briefly. Me and mi amiga decided (two days in advance) seek out the Mediterranean, and booked ourselves 53euro return tickets to Valencia for the weekend.

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