#instagrambestnine2016 my favourite failed selfies from my trip to South America.

Hi, my name is Megan and what you can see above are nine failed selfies, taken across various locations in South America. I believe these to be an accurate visual representation of my style of my writing – unashamedly sin filtro, legitimately candid. Wanderlust is great and all but I have chosen to give more word-space to that night I spent in hospital, over how stunning/mystical/awe inspiring Machu Picchu looked a few hours prior. I write this way because it is the only way I can; I simply don’t have a flare for flowery language or clever use of metaphor, and am only able to find the will to write about the stories I genuinely want to and/or feel I can tell. For that reason, my aim is not (and never will be) to sell a destination, but rather to give you an honest portrayal of my experience that I suppose you won’t find on all those sponsored travel posts…

So that’s what I’m doing here, but who the heck am I to think I have valid opinions about travel to share with you? Well, you might want to read this very personal post about how travel has healed and defined me over the years. Additionally:

  • My name is Megan Wright.
  • I was born on the 14th May 1993, two minutes before my twin brother Sean.
  • I am a vegetarian and have been for 8 years.
  • I am Irish by blood, British my birth. I hold an Irish Passport.
  • I was born in London, lived briefly in Northern Ireland, before spending the latter part of my childhood on the Isle of Wight. I studied my A levels in Portsmouth, and went university in Surrey. After graduating I moved to Madrid, Spain.
  • As well as travel I’m passionate about education and am trying to make a career combining the two.
  • I reaaaaaally like sweet and savoury mixed. And my cat. And historical dramas.
  • I don’t like bland food. Or the Tory government. Or crowded events that involve lots of standing around.

After establishing these likes and dislikes, sometime five years ago I made a plan to ditch the plan in favour of embracing the unknown and jumping on whatever opportunities arose. Since then I’ve dived into the weird and wonderful world of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), graduated, moved to Madrid, backpacked around various locations in Europe and South America, and picked up a second language along the way. I moved back to the UK earlier this year, spent my summer teaching English in five countries, and am now based in London whilst I study an MA in Applied Anthropology, Community and Youth Work at Goldsmiths College.

Read for posts about my travels, opinions, and general chit chatter about the directions the fates decide to tug me in..


Oh, I am also unabashedly and mildly dyslexic, so expect some confused sentences and typos. I do my best, but before you judge give this a read:

Finally, as much as I remain candid on here, my Instagram is full of pretty pictures that will make you think my life is a dream – but I promise to be a bit more frank in the captions about the stories behind the photographs.


– MW.

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