“Classical Studies graduate turned EFL teacher” reads my Linkedin Bio. A whole 4 years ago I completed my 130 hour combined TEFL course with TEFL Org UK. At the time I didn’t expect it to have shaped my career the way it has, but given the wealth of job opportunities that have been made available to me it has been hard not to get sucked into the ever expanding world of teaching English as a foreign language EFL.

One of those jobs was working as a Language Assistant in Spain. Although the job didn’t necessarily require it, my TEFL course undoubtedly made me a better assistant, so when TEFL Org UK asked me to write about my experience I was happy to put together a post for them. 

Having worked in the private sector for academies that were turning over huge profits by cashing in on the faults of the public education system, it was an eye opener for me to exit the usual TEFL classroom and into the reality of language education for most students.

You can read the rest of my guest post here.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Have you worked as a Language Assistant in Spain or elsewhere? If there is anything you would add to my description please tell me in the comments below! 

– MW.

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