Since I decided to give Madrid another year, I figured I better make the next 10 months worth me staying put. Here are my 10 goals for the next 10 months.

1) Reach B2 level Spanish.
I’ve been saying this for over a year now, and I will not allow myself to leave this city without achieving this one! Luckily, the changes I have made in my life have lead to an improvement in my Spanish, so little by little I’m already on my way there…

2) Join a dance class.
After chugging on a treadmill and lifting some free weights over the past 2 years, I’ve decided that this year I want to take up dancing to keep fit. I am by no means gifted when it comes to the dance floor, but I do enjoy it, and feel like it wouldn’t be a crazy goal to try and get a bit better at it.

3) Make a comic.
My month of unemployment encouraged me to pick up a pen and doodle again. This year I’d like to work on a comic. I don’t know what I’d like it to be about, but we’ll see!

4) Get inked.
I said to myself I wouldn’t get anything done unless it’d been on my mind for not months, but years. Well, I’ve had the same idea in mind since I returned from Peru, so now’s the time to take the plunge and get it done – regardless of my mother’s approval.

5) See my family [more often].
I’ve been feeling far too English lately which is an alarming sign that it’s time to get back in touch with my roots. I haven’t been over to visit my motherland in over 2 years, and my wee cousins most likely have no idea who the heck I am! It’s easy to get carried away crossing off countries, but I need to learn to put more time aside to go home.

6) Act.
I knew I’d miss university, but I didn’t quite expect that the thing I’d miss most was the opportunity I had to take part in amateur productions. Apart from the odd dramatic story telling I give during my private classes (there is a reason my student’s love me), I haven’t been in character for over 2 years and I’m itching get this bendy face of mine back into action.

7) Buy less.
Living in a capital city surrounded by beautiful fashion has rinsed my money this past year, but after watching the documentary Human I have finally had the reality check I needed to suppress the compulsion.  I’m sick of feeling horrendously guilty each time I pack up my room at the end of year and I stared at clothes I didn’t even like.

8) Travel less.
This may sound like an odd one coming from a so-called traveller, but if I’m going to make it to SA next year, I’m gonna have resist. I’m allowing myself a trip to Portugal, and some other cities in Spain, but otherwise I think I’ve treated myself to enough of Europe, and now it’s time to get myself out of my comfort zone and give another continent some T.L.T (Tender loving tourism).

9) Save 5000 euros.
This is certainly going to be a touch one given my salary, but if I’m diligent enough with goals 8 and 9, this is possible.

10) Book a flight to Central or South America.
For September 2016. To where exactly I’m not sure, but as I pounce on every guest in the hostel who has spent time there and grill them about everything they went through, I’m slowly piecing it together and it is finally starting to feel doable.

Will I be able to do it? I’ll be posting a bi-monthly (if that is even a thing?) update on how I’m getting on…

Fingers crossed!

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