A 3 hour wait for my checked luggage at Stansted this Christmas made me think twice about checking my luggage through Ryanair ever again. Since Norwegian only allowed me to check two separate 20kg cases, I was a bit stumped on how I was to get my gigantic 30kg case from Spain to the UK.

A friend of mine suggested as she had used it during the Ryanair luggage handler’s strike this summer. The price was reasonable (51.50 euros for a 30kg suitcase), and I was told I could have my suitcase with me in the UK within 5 working days. The whole process was very easy, and the twitter Customer Service were there on hand whenever the difference between the height and length of my suitcase. The instructions on how to prepare your bag & labels were all clear and straightforward even my Mum could do it. Having to wait in the house from 9-6 on the day of collection was a little inconvenient (they couldn’t provide estimated time of pick up in Spain), but luckily for me they collected my bag at 12 so I wasn’t housebound for the day!

The online tracking system updated and said I should have my luggage with me by the Thursday.’s website boasted of “an excellent rate of correct delivery estimations” but they “recommend allowing a little time to spare for any unexpected disruptions however”. As it turned out, I should have taken the latter more seriously than the former.

sendmybag.jpg twitter

My bag did not arrive on Thursday, nor Friday, nor Saturday. A conversation with the Twitter Customer Service team informed me it will not arrive until Monday. This wouldn’t be such a problem if I didn’t have to commute to Staines Monday morning to start my week working in an outdoors centre, where I will in desperate need the belongings that are currently residing in that very suitcase…

I was not pleased. The Customer Service team discussed my options with me, but as it is still technically within the 4-5 working day window, the only option is that I have it redirected to where I’ll be working in Surrey. However, given that “In some cases, the courier may need to attempt a delivery to the initial address before re-directing it”, I can’t be sure that it’ll even reach Surrey by the time I’ve finished working there.

So, would I recommend using to a friend? Only if I could write in bold font to only ever use it if you can be without your bag for over a week. I would also tell them to not to assume that, although they are paying for a private delivery service, it does not appear possible that they can deliver on a Saturday (something not made very clear on their website).

I would strongly not recommend using this service instead of checking luggage for a holiday. Their website compares itself to the cost of airline luggage costs as if it is a possible alternative, and although it is marginally cheaper, after my experience I would keep your suitcase by your side and take it on the plane with you. Their estimated delivery time needs to be taken with a large pinch of salt and I can’t imagine this ever working out well for a holiday. It is worth noting that my estimated delivery date is still yet to be updated on their website, and even though they boast that they’re great at this, their customer service was quick to play the “Oh well it is just an estimate” card.

So if you want to send baggage abroad that is neither very important or urgent, then go ahead and use If you want your baggage to arrive with you within a week, and the stuff inside will be needed by that time, do not. I wasn’t foolish enough to pack expensive valuable or documents into the bag, but I should have thought twice before packing my chunky outdoor clothes and work books that I will really need whilst camping next week.

Ease of Use: 8/10
Delivery Service: 2/10
Customer Service: 8/10
Cost: 6/10*

Overall Rating: 6/10
Twitter: @sendmybag

* Cost worth it had it arrived by the estimated delivery date.

**’s Customer Service team have recently informed me that the cause of the delay is to do with recent disruptions on the Channel Tunnel and – in response to my suggestion that customers should be notified about this – have said:

This type of delay has never happened before and currently our tracking system cannot account for it like other delays where we would normally contact our customers directly to advise that there has been a delay in the shipment. In response to this delay we are now working on a new system to alert our customers should a shipment be delayed under this type of exceptional circumstance.”

For this reason I have adjusted my Customer Service rating from 7 to 8, which bumps the overall score up to 6/10.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: – UPDATED

  1. Wow, that is awful! Thank you for sharing this with me. I will refrain from using them in the future. The secodn time I used them it went OK, but I would never use them for something I need done urgently again.

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