In less than a month’s time I’ll be on a plane to Warsaw, the first stop out of 9 on Holly and I’s Interrailing trip. We have a rough idea of the direction we want to head in, but given the obstacles I encountered last time, we are keeping an open mind and leaving plenty of room in our itinerary for delayed or cancelled trains, confused bookings, and time to shake up to route completely whenever we feel like it. Right now, the basic idea is this:

Warsaw > Krakow > Prague > Budapest > Bucharest > Sofia > Thessaloniki.

The temptation to fit as many stops as possible into 3 and a half weeks was incredibly hard not to give in to! I’ve sacrificed Ljubljiana, Innesbruk, and parts of Croatia in favour of a more logical and smooth route. But in exchange I’ve gained a week in northern Greece, where I can indulge in some ancient history and explore the land that created the man who dominated my final year of University (Alexander the Great, ofc).

This trip is going to be a real test for my budgeting skills. As my summer job won’t pay me until after summer, it’s going to be a very tight squeeze but I THINK I’ll just about make it.  For now, however, our ,ain concern is finding the cheapest flight possible home!

I’ll attempt to post mini-updates throughout the trip and the run up to it through my Twitter & Instagram pages.

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