My third weekend in Madrid has been and gone, and it was certainly the most unpredictable of them all. On Friday I went out in Majadahonda for the Festivities; on Saturday I explored Madrid en la noche; and on Sunday I experienced horrendous customer service, and having to tutor English on very little sleep.

Friday was probably my favourite day. A small group of Aupairs and I decided to check out Majadahonda’s Medieval Market and festivities. The weather was not in our favour at first (yes, it does rain in spain and it does get cold), but our northern European roots meant a downpour was not going to stop us! The town had well and truly come alive in a way I never would have predicted; the Gran Via and Parque Colon were rammed, the restaurants were full to the brim, and two concert stages were blasting out some Spanish music until the early hours of the morning. Meanwhile, the stalls were still open for business and after a glass of wine I was like a magpie. Some people’s weakness is shoes, but mine is earrings, especially one of a kind ones you tend to find only in boutiques or festivals. As I was admiring said Jewellery, the gentleman running the stall asked us where we were from, and after saying inglaterra, he was curious to find out how the Scottish Referendum went. We spoke in terribly broken English and Spanish, and one of my companions had to translate a lot for me, but it turned out he was an anarchist (I think), and he was telling us how he likes small countries as to him big politics doesn’t work. It was delightful, and I’ve never wanted to learn Spanish more, just so I can really interact and get to know local people. We continued down the road, drank Vino Tinto Verano, and spent a good hour hunting down a bus to the next town. It was just splendid really.

Saturday was a little more usual; I booked myself into a hostel to join another Au Pair for a night out on the town. I could have got a night bus back, but frankly didn’t fancy stumbling back to Majadahonda on my lonesome at 6am… After a spot of shopping and wandering, I met the girls at what it supposedly the most famous place for churros in Madrid. They were nice, but let’s just say the queue outside did not reflect their value… After arriving at the hostel to find out I’d been placed in a separate room (not impressed), we got ready, downed wine and beer and headed out faaaar too early. Bars were empty even at midnight, so we ended up drinking some beers, eating nachos, and chatting about language in a cafe.

The first bar we went into was muy caro (8 euros for a cocktail!), but the atmosphere was good and we even got the opportunity to talk to some locals. After this we headed to a club called ‘But’ (…) which, at 15 euro entry and 10 euro a drink inside, left a gaping hole in my pocket. The club was alright; it sort of resembled Liquid Windsor, and is therefore nothing to write home about. We stayed out until 5am but could have been out until sunrise if we wanted to. The night was decent, and it would have been better had I budgeted for the expensive drinks! On the plus side, I learned that I am capable of tutoring on 3 hours sleep…

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