My last post was a thought I’d been dwelling on for a while now, but I can’t help but think it looks like I’ve left RHUL with a sour taste in my mouth. I didn’t, and there were plenty of splendid moments… These were the best bits:

  • Donning a Toga and trekking round the local pubs in the cold, making friends for life in the Classical Society.
  • Getting the Excellence Scholarship & funding 3 eye-opening trips with it.
  • Attending the “Why Defend Education?” Debate and having my first taste of activism.
  • Sprinting back to Runnymede after the  infamous Mummy Drinking Game.
  • Being diagnosed as Dyslexic.
  • November 11th 2014 Student Protest.
  • Writing my first Archaeology essay in the Principle’s Boardroom @ The Occupation.
  • The Occupation.
  • Lobbying the College council.

  • Founding the Vegetarian & Vegan Society at Royal Holloway.
  • Walking to Windsor that time.
  • Exploring the Secret Garden when it snowed in First Year, followed by warm fruit cider.
  • Meeting Prof. Robin Lane Fox & making him late for his meal because he wanted to tell me aaall about the Mosquitoes in Didyma.
  • Spending my 19th Birthday revising at the British Museum, and that photo.
  • Playing the part of Simia in the Classical Society production of Plautus’ Pseudolus.
  • Playing Voluptua in the Classical Society production of Miles Tredinnick’s Up Pompeii.
  • I am a whisk.
  • My Greek Drama SYP: Tragoedia the Video Game.
  • ‘Let’s Talk About Porn’.
  • VegFest 2013, Brighton & London.
  • Sitting on the Ethics & Environment Sub-Committee as the Ethics Representative.
  • Proving people wrong by successfully taking the Classical Society to Bath.
  • Recording the sound of my voice with Patreese.
  • Avoiding a certain flatmate in first year, and debating what went on in that room.
  • The numerous all-nighters spent with Isabel Sudbury.
  • Discovering ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and ‘Come Dine with Me’ were the antidote for the stress of Finals (I’m not proud).
  • Sitting next to Dr. Michael C Scott in the Hellenic Institute, whilst researching my dissertation, and refraining from Fan girling.
  • Dr. Richard Hawley’s ‘Nature & the Supernatural’ course.
  • Choosing to live in Carfax and meeting some of my favourite people from my time at RHUL.
  • Seeing Wheatus live at our SU.
  • Running to the Totem Pole and back on a sunny day.
  • Sitting on Laura Dann’s floor, contemplating life.
  • Helping organise Classics Day 2014.
  • When Edith Hall said she was proud of me.
  • The Student-Staff committee 2013-14, causing a stir, and working towards policy change.
  • Writing the ‘Homer’s Odyssey Experience’, even though it was never produced.
  • Hounds Drama, providing endless entertainment and funny tales for years to come.
  • Working as a Student Ambassador and getting a lift from the cheerful Parking Attendant in his buggy.
  • Successfully taking the Classical Society to Budapest, and it being awesome.

I’ll add to this when other events spring to mind.

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